Astrology Readings

I’ve always loved Astrology.  It seems to be the most “scientific” of all the “woo” that I offer.  It’s amazing what your Birth Chart can tell you.  The vast amount of information is like a map for your soul as you navigate through this life.  The following are just a few topics that I can help you with.  More readings will be added to my site soon so check back!

These Astrology readings require no appointment!  Simply click to purchase and you’ll receive them through virtual wave (aka: email) within 3 business days.

To schedule an appointment through Zoom, please visit my Sea Sessions page.

Astrological Natal Chart Reading

Do you know your sun, moon, and rising sign? Do you know which houses your major planets are in? What does that mean for you? I will email you your birth chart and 2-3 page intuitive karmic purpose reading to answer, “Who am I?” astrologically. Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Astrological Love Reading

Wondering which signs you are most compatible with?  Well, Astrology is a little more complicated than that.  This 2-3 page emailed reading will give you insight about how you give love, and how you receive love. Knowing this information about yourself will help you when searching for a partner.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Astrological Career Reading

Do you need help figuring out which type of career your soul would be most happy?  This emailed 2-3 page intuitive reading will give you clarity about what work you should be doing in the world. Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Astrology By Tyler

Tyler is my 12 year old son.  He is my “Astro Twin” which means we have the same Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign-all in the same houses!  Many of our planets are also in the same place in our charts.  Tyler has taken numerous Astrology classes with me, and choosing an emailed reading by him is like receiving a reading from my younger self.  His fresh, youthful perspective makes him an amazing Astrologer.  He is also a huge Astronomy enthusiast which also makes his readings vary from mine.  So, try a Natal Chart Reading with Tyler! Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.



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