What are you afraid of?

After opening a paranormal investigation tour company in Salem, Massachusetts, Kimberly Bizjak discovered she had an amazing gift – she could communicate with the dead – and without the use of the ghost hunting equipment she relied upon. Deeply skeptical, Kim began learning “all the hippie shit” she could find. As she gradually came out of the broom closet, she began to embrace who she is- and ultimately accepted her soul’s purpose as a healer.

Ghost Stories & Hippie Sh*t demystifies what we think is “crazy” by interweaving experiences from Kim’s life with some of her spookiest ghost stories and experiences in notoriously haunted Salem. In addition, she gives you the tools you need to access the energy in and around you, including activities and lessons she uses in her one-on-one sessions and online courses.

Known as a Personal Navigator currently sailing the world with her husband and kids, Kim helps those who are feeling “stuck” on their own spiritual journey, by clearing energetic blocks through the use of tarot, chakra healing, astrology, meditation, mediumship, and more.

Following her mission to “Take the fear out of the unknown”, this memoir teaches you the best hippie shit, and the best lessons from the world of the dead- to guide you to a greater understanding of your own life’s purpose.

Announcement: I will am closed and completely off-grid and unavailable Wed Sept 13, returning Tues Sept 26.  (I will be walking 100K of the Camino Frances in Spain!)  You are able to book in-person and virtual appointments here on my website and I will see you when I return!  Any emailed readings purchased during my time away will have a delay in processing time as I won't be starting on them until I get back.  See you soon!  ~Kim