Sea of Colors

Sea of Colors: Rock your Chakras in 7 Weeks

My heart and soul (and root, and third eye…etc) went into creating this online class for you to take a deep dive into your chakra system.  Sea of Colors is an all-inclusive healing chakra therapy course designed to help you move forward in life when you’re feeling “stuck” and out of balance.  In 7 weeks, you will have learned the hands-on healing skills you need for intuitive development, and amazing metaphysical tools for personal change.




  • Tap into your own intuition
  • Learn where your energetic “blocks” are and how to clear and balance them
  • Let go of what no longer serves you
  • Connect with your higher self, loved ones on the other side, and your spiritual team
  • Follow your true path in life

What the heck is a chakra?!


You’ve heard of life force energy, even if you don’t realize it.  Around the world it is known as reiki, chi, prana, vibes, our aura, …and more. The chakras are our 7 main energy centers associated with certain areas of the body, mind, and spirit.  Each chakra has its own color and type of energy. 

This course focuses on providing a deep understanding of each chakra by balancing and healing one chakra per week.  Each module includes using mantras, video lessons, hands-on printable activities, journal prompts, meditations, and gluten-free/vegan recipes in chakra color.

The course is self guided, but I am always available by email with any questions you have.  Study at your own pace and begin anytime.  When you enroll, you have full access to all 7 weeks of lessons right away.




Week 1: Root Chakra

Lessons include grounding, cutting cords, body positivity, and creating a new, healthy relationship with money.


Week 2: Sacral Chakra

Lessons include exploring emotions, recognizing your “gut feelings”, intuitive exercises, and renewing your creativity.


Week 3: Solar Plexus Chakra

Lessons include owning your gifts, conquering fears, reflections in self confidence, and life force energy.


Week 4: Heart Chakra

Lessons include energetic and spiritual protection, empath tools, reversing your insecurities, and self love.


Week 5: Throat Chakra

Lessons include speaking your truth, art journaling, sound healing, and automatic writing.


Week 6: Third Eye Chakra

Lessons include clairvoyance, tarot, divination, signs from spirit, manifestation, and visioning.


Week 7: Crown Chakra

Lessons include astrology, moon cycles, wheel of the year, exploring your karmic purpose, and dream journaling.


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