Tarot Readings

Looking for intuitive guidance but you have a busy schedule?

The following Tarot readings require no appointment!  Simply click to purchase and you’ll receive them through virtual wave (aka: email) within 3 business days.  To schedule an appointment by video chat, visit my Sea Sessions page!

Chakra Tarot Reading

Feeling “blah” and aren’t sure why?  Combine Tarot with the Chakras in one of my favorite readings!  I pull a Tarot Card for each of your seven chakras and send you an emailed reading plus a diagram showing how your energy is flowing in your body.  I will then send you distance Reiki, and metaphysical tips and tricks to help align your energetic self.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Astrological Tarot Reading

This is a great reading if you’ve already had a natal chart reading with me.  I draw one tarot card for each of your twelve houses and email you the reading and insights.  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Three Card Tarot Reading

Are you “stuck”? Have a specific question? A decision you need clarity on? The most powerful sources of information come from within; the Tarot aids in coming in contact with ones Higher Self. This is an audio/visual 3-card reading emailed to you in mp4 format to help you on your soul’s journey. Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

The “I owe you a coffee” 1-Card Tarot Reading

I receive many requests from clients and friends for quick one-card guidance. “Please pull a card for me! I’ll owe you a coffee!” Choose this option and I’ll pull one card and email your reading, in exchange for my favorite coffee drink!  Click below to learn more and to purchase your reading.

Seeing From The Sea Gift Card!

Purchase a gift card to give a reading to a friend!  Good for any reading and online class on my website!



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